The STOP Program -  Strategies That Offer Peace

A 4-hour Coparenting Program for Parents who Need Help Resolving or Disengaging from Conflict with the Other Parent.

  • Comply with a court order to complete a 4-hour coparenting class or take this class to show the Judge in your case that you are doing everything you can to resolve conflict.
  • Complete the program at your own pace.
  • Your printable completion certificate is included.  
  • Interesting and helpful material that will not bore you.
  • Get no nonsense advice from a therapist with over 20 years experience working with coparents.

The STOP program will help parents:

  • deal with hard feelings about a conflict in a coparenting experience,
  • learn skills for coping, and conflict resolution to parent more effectively no matter what the other parent does.
  • understand the effects of divorce/separation on children.
  • reduce the child’s exposure to the damaging levels of conflict between parents, and
  • understand that there are different coparenting styles and help parents determine which type will work best for their case.


Most parents who are in this program are navigating an important transition that involves the children and the other parent. No matter what you are facing, this program will help you feel more confidence, cope better, and do a better job to support your children moving forward.

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The 4-hour S.T.O.P. Program




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